Benefits of our real meat gravy WET FOODS

What makes us different?

Commonly in the industry nowadays, most manufacturers in the market does not emphasize on the importance of having good quality ingredients. Most of the products out there consists mostly of meal derivatives, fillers, broth, water that lack of proper vitamins and minerals. This resulted in many cat owners feeding their cat with an incomplete meal.

At Signature7, we know the importance of having real quality meat, proper vitamins and minerals for your cat. Our meal is formulated to be 100% complete and balanced, while also conforming to AAFCO standards. We have taken your cats nutritional requirements as our main consideration. They need REAL meat for their meals and therefore all Signature7 feed contains REAL meat as our #1 ingredient.

We believe in the overall well-being of cats and for that we have designed great tasting cat food to nourish felines all around the world.

Product Comparison





Signature  7


Brand A


Brand B


Brand C


Brand D


100% Complete & Balance diet

Natural Vitamins & Minerals

#1 Natural Real Meat

Grain Free

Crude Protein %

Crude Fat %
With Taurine
With Supplement

Signature7 Feeding Guidelines

We at Signature7 have crafted a simple Monday to Sunday meal guide that will enhance your cat’s overall well-being. Our meal plan makes sure your cat receives high-quality proteins, supplements and vitamins daily. It also reduces the stress of the pet owners of having to select what kind of meal for their cats every day.

Our cat food is 100% complete and balanced approved by AAFCO, having no artificial ingredients, no pork/lard, grain-free and suitable for all life stages. Our meal contains lots of real meat (more than 50 per cent of meat) into each can of product. We included a different supplement every day to improve their health from top to toe.


Key Ingredients: Mackarel with Pumpkin

Benefits: For Healthy Skin and Coat


Key Ingredients: Chicken with Shrimp and Surimi

Benefits: For Weight Management


Key Ingredients: Mackerel with Carrot

Benefits: For Healthy Bones


Key Ingredients: Whitemeat Tuna with Pumpkin

Benefits: For Healthy Urinary Tract


Key Ingredients: Mackerel with Shrimp and Surimi

Benefits: For Digestion and Gut Health


Key Ingredients:  Chicken with Pumpkin

Benefits: For Anti-aging


Key Ingredients: Whiteameat Tuna with Carrot

Benefits: For Hairball Control

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