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In the cat food industry today, most manufacturer in the market does not emphasize on the importance of having quality raw ingredients. Their product consists mostly of broth or water that fills the entire packaging and lack of proper supplements. In the end, many cat owners would often feed their cat with a meal that does not provide fulfilment and lack of proteins that comes from the meat.

At Signature7, we highlight the importance of having real quality meat and proper proteins for your cat. Our meal is 100% complete and balanced. We have taken the point into consideration that cats are carnivorous, and they need meat all the time and not just water.

We believe in the overall well being of cats and for that we have designed great cat food meals for all the beloved cats around the world.

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Signature  7


Brand A


Brand B


Brand C


Brand D


100% Complete & Balance diet

Natural Vitamins & Minerals

#1 Ingredient Real Meat

Grain Free

Crude Protein %


With Taurine

With Supplement

Signature7 Feeding Guidelines


For your to cat to live healthy throughout the day, week and month, we at Signature 7 have crafted the best feeding guidelines Monday to Sunday meals that will enhance your cat’s overall wellbeing. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your cat receives high-quality proteins, supplements and vitamins in daily basis while at the same reduce the stress of the pet owners of having to select what kind of meal for their cats every day.

Our cat food is 100% complete and balanced diet approved by AAFCO, having no artificial ingredients, no pork/lard, grain-free and suitable for all life stages. One of the strengths of our meal is that we provide high quality and lots of real meat (more than 50 per cent of meat) into each can of product, whereas our competitions usually have more water/broth in their meal. We believe in the overall well being of cats and for that, we have designed the Monday to Sunday feeding guidelines for all the beloved cats around the world.



Key Ingredients: Mackarel, Pumpkin and Tuna Oil

Benefits: For Healthy Skin and Coat


Key Ingredients: Chicken, Shrimp, Pea Fiber and Flaxseed

Benefits: For Weight Management


Key Ingredients: Mackerel, Carrot, Glucosamine

Benefits: For Healthy Bones


Key Ingredients: Whitemeat Tuna, Pumpkin and Cranberry Juice

Benefits: For Healthy Urinary Tract


Key Ingredients: Mackerel, Shrimp and Prebiotic

Benefits: For Digestion and Gut Health


Key Ingredients:  Chicken, Pumpkin, Yucca and Green Tea Extract

Benefits: For Anti-aging


Key Ingredients: Whiteameat Tuna, Carrot and Fructooligosaccharide

Benefits: For Hairball Control

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