Tofu Cat Litter + Green Tea

Green Tea

cat litter

A biodegradable, flushable, and fast clumping cat litter with green tea scented by Signature7.
Made entirely from all-natural recycled tofu with fresh green tea leaves. The high anti-oxidant
properties from green tea work best as an anti-bacterial agent to suppress the growth of bacteria
that cause odors to keep your cat’s litter box fresh and healthy!

  • Guaranteed Analysis


Fast Clumping

Natural & Safe

Odour Control

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Our Story

Signature7 is created because we want to feed our cats well to keep them happy and healthy.

From our experience, we have seen that many cats do not get the balance or complete meal that they deserve. Many cats are feeding on either too much fillers, too much carbohydrates or too much meal derivatives. An abundance of any above ingredients can disturb the digestion of your cats and bringing harm to your cats in the long run.

A 100% complete and balance diet matters for your cats! 

For this reason, we have crafted premium quality recipes for your cats.  Our food is formulated to have the right high-quality ingredients, right nutritional values and providing the right natural vitamins and minerals for your cats.

Signature7 is all about caring for your cats and we offer only the best premium quality food for your beloved feline.

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